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Alchemy of the Soul

Jan 14 2007 Published by under Words

As I sit here, nails digging deep within the flesh of my own palm,
I can feel it coming over me: a wave of never ending longing.
It starts at the tips of my toes, slowly crawling up through my feet with the tickling and pulsing of the tendrils of a centipede.
As it reaches my legs, it stops for a second,
Almost as if it were questioning its plan of attack,
Before elongating and shooting through my thighs.
Then, gradually, it spreads arching through my veins,
Straight to my heart, permeating, devouring the countless cells of my entire being.

Not only does it spread.
It lingers.
The same heavy lethargy pumped countless times through the passages of body and mind.
Heaving screams of the spirit ripple through thousands of miles of blood vessels
Each one tearing a thin layer deeper into the core of my being.

By the time I realize my breath has faded,
I’m dissolving…


What will there be when all is torn away?
Me? I? Myself?

Nothing remains when everything is torn away.
Not a single shred of structured existence lingers.
It’s simply gone.
As if it was never there.

Then the greatest of miracles occur: From nothing arises everything.

A Darkness so profoundly deep encompasses everything within me.
A Darkness so black it shines.

Not from the depths does this Light beam, but from within the insubstantiality of the lack.
It has no colour.
It has no shade which eyes can see.
Just pure brightness.
Enfolding and encompassing.


Something so forceful and all pervasive yet so gentle and precious.
So ephemeral, that It could never be of this world.
Instinctively my mind tries to grasp It.
My hand slides right through as if It was never there.
My mind skips and slides into a world of blankness and mild frustration.
As I calm, I can feel It now.
As if It were always within.
A grin rises from my lips and cheeks.
How can that which is everything, everyone, be grasped.

A rich envelopment of Crimson courses along with the wave of light,
Compressing and rarefying, enlightening and deepening its presence.


Now as I reach out, It immerses my hand.
As pure liquid light It spreads through my palm feeling smooth and weightless.
Slowly it engulfs my entire being:

The realization of the true self.

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