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Theory of Mind

Feb 22 2007 Published by under Words

Theory is pure mind, and mind pure theory.
One cannot prove the existence of that which is entirely ubiquitous.
One cannot prove there is mind.
There is only assumption.

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Slivered Moon

Feb 13 2007 Published by under Words

Waves of stillness roll over the smooth surface of my skin,
Barely disturbing the frozen numbness that lies just beneath the surface.
Cold remorse, stagnant regret, linger and sink beneath the touch of street lamps.
Encompassing shrouds of light hang within the softly flowing air of the Ox’s hour.

Piercing a thin skyward cloud, the light passes through,
Ignoring what only seems to be…
An ethereal, volatile, mirage of skin, flesh, and bone…
Containing nothing, yet everything.

It walks fluidly. Beneath the silent light of the slivered moon.
Darkness gnaws at ebbing light.
When it has been consumed and passes from existence…

Will it be born again?

Some say it will.
Others say it cannot die.

The wise know that it never was as such.
For it is not an it.

It is I.

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