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A Single Moment

Mar 30 2007 Published by under Words

Ten thousand years of pain,
Ten thousand years of suffering.

Ten thousand years of loneliness,
Ten thousand years without light.

Ten thousand years…

Yet a single moment erases them all.

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Mar 14 2007 Published by under Words

A heavenly sphere,
Set within the dark of night
Bathes the wind swept urban streets
In palest, starkest, bluest light.
Though harsh winter has gone, the air is chill.
Restlessly it roams, refusing to lie still;
A dimly flickering the mirage of nuclear fire
Which beckons to tear filled eyes:

Look up and behold with delight
Gaze deep within my softest light
For come the break of morning’s dawn
I shall not reappear; I will be gone.

For I was never here.

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