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Jul 23 2007 Published by under Q&A

Do we actually experience creation or is it merely the transformation of that which has all ready been created? Is there such a thing as spontaneous manifestation? If so what is responsible for it? And are we capable of it?

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Of the world

Jul 19 2007 Published by under Words



“I no longer think of this world as being unrelated to myself.
Our world is here. There’s no doubt about that.
Here is where we live.”

I couldn’t have said this any better myself.
This is essential to know and act upon in order to live at peace in this world.
To live fully and happily.
It is something I had thought forgotten, but truthfully it is something that I could never forget.
We never forget, we merely bury that which we wish to hide, that which we refuse to accept.

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Life Into The Void

Jul 09 2007 Published by under Words

So many feelings-emotions-sesantions-observations-moments-memories-stillness-vibrations flowing in a never-ending cascade through mind-heart-body-soul. A composite of composites lacking any shred of individualism, either of object or subject. Such is the totality of the spiritual being that is called “human”. Such is the unrestricted-enlightened-freed-whole-transcendant-natural-true-undivided-unfragemented-state-being-form-visage of that which is known only as I.
Individuality and community are given, never are they inherent. The universe and all of its systems are only given such attributes because of the fundamental split in consciousness upon which the classical compulsively thinking mind has grown so dependent.
It can be an enlightening disease, or a ignorance inducing vitality, but never a reverse combination of the two. It is a blessing and a curse, a compound of gain and loss, as is any perspective. The true path is to never become attached, or to dissolve the attachment between such limiting concepts. The attachment which is to never form or to be dissolved, is the belief in those concepts. Upon dissolution, we are free to use them whenever necessary without being imprisoned by them. We play with them like a child does with sand. Such is the way of a free and open mind, a mind without judgemental condemnation, a mind without entrenched prejudice or natural bias. Such is the way all was meant to be.
Without continual doubt.
Without debilitating fear.
Without needless separation.
Without abject isolation.
The “How?” is simple, a child can do it, in fact they do it continually. The more we feed these empty, negatively charged abstractions the stronger they grow. Just observe them as they form. Watch as they take shape upon the inner stage of heart and mind. View them melting back into the nothingness from which they arose: the non-entity, the non-existent being of consciousness, the blank book upon which the works of fiction are written. Erase the lies within your pages. Instead scribe only that which is needed, that which felt as being ultimately beyond any measurement of right and wrong or any other polarity of captivity. Then enact the words of creation with every wavelength of being.
Breathe life into the void.
As it breathes life into all.

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Jul 08 2007 Published by under Words


This holds true for any subject-object relation. Affection or love is never truly expressed if one is merely protecting, merely surviving, or merely sustaining. It is through the attitude and the constant communication through both words and action beyond the basic foundation of the relationship that truly constitutes what humans call “love”.

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Jul 08 2007 Published by under Words


The means by which anything is achieved within the many layers of existence has never been wishing, asking or compelling, nor will it ever be.
All that is realized, all that is given, has been won and taken.

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