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Dec 30 2007 Published by under Words

He is in a world of his own
Lingering feebly within the pain of yesterday
Spreading softly into tomorrow.
Driest tears of forgotten pain adorn his expressionless face
Dreaming of a day when they might finally be shed.

Emotions of everlasting grace pairing into opposites
Dancing within the depths,
Of a soul that has no end,
Slowly they weave into a climactic flourish
Tearing at the fringes of a thought-filled mind.

An intentionless motion of regret,
Flung from the faroff realms of the unconscious,
Pierces the stillness of an unmovable mass.
The flesh, the blood of what once was thought as self
Stirs from its deepest rest.

So is…
The world of the dying ones.

Yet deeper still, beyond the grasp of senses crude,
The stirring of a different form unfolds
So gradually, so carefully, throughout the eons of forgotten time
Like a lotus of the ages it unfurls the petals of its fate,

As it faces toward the sun.

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The Cow

Dec 13 2007 Published by under Words

You can’t let the cream rise to the top without getting the milk out of the cow.

Just milk it!

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