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Of such a soul do I speak

Dec 31 2007 Published by under Words

As energies unknown to word of mind and breath of lung
Course through veins of ethereal visages unseen,
Nothing is thing, and No-one is one.
No object is an object, Nor its subject a subject.
Phantasms concede to truth, and melt into infinity
Time revolves no more, but stands upon the axis of eternity

Not even the fictionality of a forgotten soul is left to stand
For no more is seperateness, no more are boundaries
Not even thought can tread upon this land that is no land.
For no more is the self and other that never were,
No conception of mind can taint the waters of this sea

That laps upon the other shore.

An evolution of soul has begun
In all places, epochs, and ways
All dimensions beyond space and time
Wherever the light of consciousness dwells
Continuing on,
Gently ebbing against the currents of the void
Slowly and gradually transmuting formless into form
Darkness into light,
Ignorance into insight,
Illusion into truth.

An invading thought demands.
I do not know.
For it cannot be known.
No purpose of human design
Does a reality beyond thought and form
Hold within its actions of non action
Its  intelligence of ignorance
Its boundless nonexistence.

Simply: it is,
Yet more simply: it is not.

Form without body
Consciousness without thought
Will without emotion
Spirit without soul
Enshrined as One
Beyond the folds of time
Beyond the reaches of space
Unadorned, it is each one of us
The entireity of all that is, is not, and ever will be.

Finding without reason, without the seasons of change
Within the midst of an uncertain stutterting memory.
How long will it be till I see without a veil?
How long will it be until I am seen without a mask?
Can time even factor into such a simple truth of self expression?

Or perhaps it was always there.
Beneath, behind, floating just beyond the surfaces that we know.
A little something I might call the soul.
Not the “soul” of mental abstraction,
Or the accumulated indifferences of a worldly traveler
But the heart of every shred of existence.

The source and manifestation of every lasting piece in the Entirety made one.

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Dec 30 2007 Published by under Words

He is in a world of his own
Lingering feebly within the pain of yesterday
Spreading softly into tomorrow.
Driest tears of forgotten pain adorn his expressionless face
Dreaming of a day when they might finally be shed.

Emotions of everlasting grace pairing into opposites
Dancing within the depths,
Of a soul that has no end,
Slowly they weave into a climactic flourish
Tearing at the fringes of a thought-filled mind.

An intentionless motion of regret,
Flung from the faroff realms of the unconscious,
Pierces the stillness of an unmovable mass.
The flesh, the blood of what once was thought as self
Stirs from its deepest rest.

So is…
The world of the dying ones.

Yet deeper still, beyond the grasp of senses crude,
The stirring of a different form unfolds
So gradually, so carefully, throughout the eons of forgotten time
Like a lotus of the ages it unfurls the petals of its fate,

As it faces toward the sun.

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The Three Paths

Dec 20 2007 Published by under Words

As everything begins to crisp, to ripen with clarity, another layer of detail just beyond what has been revealed is observed.
So it is with any world.
There is always more beyond the tiny fraction of what we perceive with our senses, comprehend with our minds, and feel within our hearts at any given moment.
There is not only more beyond these necessary limitations, but outside the reach of any sense of space, direction, or location,
Past the relativity of the senses and the mind, there is something (yet a thing it is not) which is of a completely different order.

It may be said that it is our purpose in living is to break through that threshold of necessary limitation once it has become unnecessary, which is the only way it can be surpassed.
It is to stretch ourselves beyond what is present in order to reach that which is normally unattainable, either in action, inaction, or in inspiration.

There are paths that arise from this realization: the left-hand and the right-hand.
The right has been trod fairly heavily and is favoured by western society and its institutions.
It is the conscious or unconscious act of ignoring the multi-layered reality of both ourselves and the world in pursuit of  material gain and conceptual fulfillment.
Ultimately it is a path of stagnation, a path of eventual passivity.
For the former can be gained but is never secure, ever slipping away from one’s grasp,
While the latter is never attained, for conceptions are even more elusive than the material.
While there are exceptions, they are few a far between.

The left is the more mysterious of the two.
It strays from the right in such a deviously opposite direction, that calling it the opposite would be false.
The left is on an entirely different dimension.
It is not only a path of exploring the multi-layered existence of world and self, but a path of acceptance and creation.
It is a path of evolution, fraught with uncertainty, adversity, and danger.

There is however a path that few even hear about, much less walk.
It lies directly between the two.
It is a hybridization of left and right, a beautiful crossing of the two.
It is the conscious and playful participation in the make-believe world of gain and loss, while pursuing the truth of the many layers, and ultimate unity.
By utilizing both paths simultaneously, a synergistic attitude is expressed, resulting in an immense increase in the variety of resources available for the traveler to draw upon.
It is by far the “shorter” or more direct of the three, but definitely in many cases the most taxing and the hardest to grasp and define.
Relatively few have walked it for those very reasons.
Yet putting the relational percentage aside, millions have taken to its “lengths” and not one has failed to reach his or her destination.

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The Cow

Dec 13 2007 Published by under Words

You can’t let the cream rise to the top without getting the milk out of the cow.

Just milk it!

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