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Waterproof Individual

Jan 27 2008 Published by under Words

Living within a society and trying to be an individual is like trying to live in the ocean and not get wet.
One must step out of the water, Develop a skin that is waterproof and dive back in.

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Of Gain and Loss

Jan 04 2008 Published by under Words

In the end what shall we gain?
What shall we lose?
If all this goes on,
As our actions demonstrate that it will,
Is there ever going to be any sort of outcome?
A reckoning? A bottom line?

Such concepts, such simple, lifeless, inorganically pale things.

All is, all always is, all ever was, and will ever be.
A tautological statement is a true statement is it not?
There is nothing to gain, nothing to lose, and certainly no outcome to ever be had.
No matter how much we delude ourselves into thinking that there is or ever will be.

Well then, where do we go from here?

Wherever our destiny takes us.
Wherever our hearts desire.
But I can assure you of one thing.
No matter the path you take,
It’ll always lead right to where you are now.

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Borrowed Words

Jan 04 2008 Published by under Words

So in the times before the awakening that has fallen over me,
I wondered if the words that poured from my quivering lips were of my mind.
So many times has this puzzled me, and to no end.
I can now say that words were never my own.
They are borrowed words, even now.
They are the words of this planet,
Of the stars, of the rotations of the universe.
And most of all, the words of the human soul.
In all its glory, in all its shame.
Naked, in its entirety.

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Groove of bliss

Jan 03 2008 Published by under Words

Through the days and nights of what seems to be endless repetition,
We find that what been waiting for us since time immemorial.
A sublimity of heart, mind, and soul:
A groove of bliss that flows beyond the very bounds of space and time.

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