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Delusional Reality

Mar 16 2008 Published by under Words

In all of time, in all the years of many lives,
There has never been one such as “I”;
That phantom conceptualization of form,
Composed of mere mentality perpetuated in social machinations,
Empty thoughts, and fruitless egocentrically oriented beliefs.

What then is this delusion?
So far encompassing,
So seemingly resilient and solidified.

It is the all-pervading power of consciousness unknowingly directed,
By a fragment of its own volition,
Manifesting a plethora of infinitesimal instances in a totality beyond its own communicable comprehension.

If delusion is really anything at all,
It is separateness.

What then is the supposed reality?

Is it the absence of both things and nothingness?
Of unity and separation, and even then the absence of that?

Is it seated in the realization of delusion and reality as being one,
Inseparable, two seemingly opposite aspects that on a more fundamental level are mutually implied,
Yet still distinguishable from one another?

Is it the ever forward motion of the present rooted in the stillness of eternity,
Parting waves that break upon the bow of the mind,
Spirits rising on every crest, falling on every trough,
All fading away as wake into the past?

Who is there to know?

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