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None of this is truthful.

Apr 18 2008 Published by under Words

It is merely the result of a foolish mind spilling phonetic symbols through some meatwands that press on plastic keys which inhibit an electrical current flowing through metal.
That which is going on behind all these words is far more interesting than anything that could be conveyed by them.

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The Slumberer

Apr 16 2008 Published by under Words

Tangential sensations of ever present silence beneath noise
Tear through the somnambulence of waking life
Rousing the feigning slumberer.

That which seemed to sleep through thunder and quake,
Through times of war and peace,
In light of sun, moon and stars,
In darkness where light dare not tread.

That which lay untouched, unfelt, through ages past, unseen by moistened eyes.

That which bore witness to the ageless deeds of beasts called men, to his children, and to their own.

What once slept awakens from the dreams of yesterday and tomorrow.
From within every heart and mind of every plane.
In every moment of the eternal present.

Awakening to itself.

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