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Two Worlds

May 16 2008 Published by under Words

Two worlds, yet only one.
Symbolic and actual,
Phenomenal and noumenal,
Like drops of oil and water,
Slithering along mutual surfaces,
Yet never combining.

Two personae, yet only one.
Professional and personal,
Financial and recreational,
Like day and night,
One fades into the next,
And the next into the first,
Supporting and defining.

Two states, yet only one.
Dreaming and awoken,
Silent reverie and restless action,
Vivid mysteries flowing from unknown realms,
Broken into fragments by the dawning Sun.
Depthless grief drowned in exhaustion,
Stolen by the warm embrace of a feather duvet.

Two minds, yet only one,
Careful, predictable, rigid abstractions of numerical precision;
Flowing, spontaneous motions of psychosomatic synergy.
Intertwined in time and space.
Synchronized unerringly.

Within a single atom, within a molecule,
Within a single cell, within an organ,
Within a single organism, within an environment,
Within a single planet, within a solar system,
Within a single galaxy, within a super cluster,
Within a single universe, within a multiverse.

Two, only two.
Yet One.

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Satiating the mind

May 04 2008 Published by under Words

Trying to satiate the mind is like trying to dry clothes with water or swallow air to ease hunger.

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