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Does one who is not, become that which is, by the beginningless path which cannot be followed with intent?

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Fear is the vehicle by which all mankind is denying itself of fundamental experience.
The experience denied is neither good nor bad. Gainful or lossy.
It is beyond dualistic encapsulation when apperceived totally.
Though through conditioned habit,
Any premeditated experience that is perceived through and coupled with “fear”
Is misinterpreted as a “bad” experience
When in fact all experiences are equal.
All are sacred.

Fear is a mechanism of denial,
But not just the denial of things that are perceived to be separate from our self,
Not just the denial of plain and simple truths that lie in plain sight.
Fear is the means by which one’s true self is ultimately and incontrovertibly denied.
Ignored. Avoided.
It is the shell that isolates the ego from infinity and eternity.

It can be replaced with any other mode or emotional drive,
“Positive?” “Negative?” it does not matter,
All can be said to operate through the same principles and have the same degree of effectiveness.
The only difference between each one is how we perceive the experience that each mode of creation creates and persists.
Change the perception, change the experience, change everything.

As long as this is ignored,
One will in all ways and at all times experience degrees of isolation and incompletion.
Whether we are aware of it or not, such is the way of the human condition.

Fear like all else is a part of the Whole,
As long as it is recognized to be separate and negative,
As long as it isn’t claimed and examined,
Embrace with curiosity and neutrality,
It persists through ignorance,
It dominates.
It affects the very experience of life,
The fabric of the world around us,
And the lives of all that hold we dear.
Positively, negatively, through each set of eyes there will be different interpretations.
Ultimately all are false,
For experience can only be experienced,
Never completely interpreted,
Never completely encapsulated,
And never completely denied.
Modalities of understanding are all relative to experience.

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“Thoughts these are,

Jun 03 2008 Published by under Words

thoughts these will remain.
Words these are and words these will forever remain.”

This is the reality that all crafters of symbols must face.
Words and thoughts do not transform or create.
It is the acts of writing and the acts that follow reading which are entirely responsible.

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