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The digits of the mind

Jul 05 2008 Published by under Words

Breaking down the doors beyond perception,
With light of darkest depths,
Self and Other, subjective objects, vanish.

They never were.

As finely woven nets of mere shadow,
Cast by ghosts to the winds of eternity,
Intent on ensnaring their own reflections,
They billow into the howling night unseen,

Here, the easing grace of purest petals
Abounds as a loving warm embrace,

Sensations of sight,
Sound, taste, scent and nerve,
Flow flawlessly from the absence of an absence,
Of a source unknown.

Death from life,
Life from death,
Phantoms all.

We need not heed their silent call.
Nor answer their Siren pleas,
To dance the endless dance…
To sing the endless song…

Of empty suffering,
Of suffering emptiness,
Of desiring that which is us,
Desperately believing,
Fervently denying,
That it is not.

Hear softly instead,
The dying echoes of past and future,
Slowly parting,
Gently fading,
Into the clearing midst of silence.

See beyond the clouds of opposites,
Into the night sky,
Where darkness and light,
Blending in harmony,
Neither accepting nor denying,
Bring life to all.

Taste not the fruit of immortal lies,
But of the knowledge that life,
And death,
In all their terrifying glory,
Are one.

Smell within every breath of recollection
The truths that stand untouched
By the ruthless ravages of so time.

Feel the nothingness amid everything,
The depths within the shallows,
The stillness within the motion,
The eternity within the moment,
The reality within the hallucination.

Pretend not,
While waking to be sleeping.
Sleep with wakefulness.
Dream not of things, but of dreaming itself.

Question all, and all shall be answered.
Know not, and all shall be revealed.

Cling not to psyche, to symbol, or to matter.
Let go of all that passes through the digits of the mind.
Embrace, but do not squeeze.

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Resistance is futility

Jul 04 2008 Published by under Words

The only resistance is the resistance of all that is, of all that is not.
The only resistance is the resistance of one’s true being and of one’s true absence.
There is no other.

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