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Why write?

Sep 23 2008 Published by under Words

Why jerk people off through ultimately false collections of vague meandering thoughts spilled onto the surfaces of this beautiful world?

Two words: self-satisfaction.

There really isn’t any other purpose, or any other motive.
Try as we may, there’s no way escaping this fact.
It is inherent in ther very act of putting pen to paper, or fingertip to key.

Yet still, even taking that into consideration, the beauty of the words, the potency of the poems,
the songs, the stories, written throughout the ages of mankind’s infancy, has never once been tainted.

For it has never been important as to what is actually written,
Much less how it is written or why it is thought to be written.

It is the singular act of conveyance and reception. That alone.
The act which brings forth life from inert pointing symbols,
Is nothing short of that which brings forth life from a little dirt, air, water, and light.

They are one and the same.

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Free of confinement

Sep 16 2008 Published by under Words

The realization of the fabricated self and the fabricated other,
Whether it precedes or accompanies the death of the body,
Is the only freedom free of confinement.

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