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Everyone wants the experience of life,

Nov 28 2008 Published by under Words

But few dare to truly experience it unadulterated.

Why is this?
Fundamentally, it is because we misapprehend.

We believe that life is something to have, something to experience,
That it is something that is separated from us,
Either by time or by untold obstacles both internal and external.
We believe that the best life is in the distance,

When truly, it is us.

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To everyone I have hurt

Nov 23 2008 Published by under Words

To everything I have ignored
To every act I have committed
To every thought I have borne
To every wish I have made
To every promise I have broken
To every laugh that escaped my lips
To every tear that adorned my face
To every scar upon my flesh
Upon my heart
To every chill that ran down my spine
To every bit of warmth I’ve ever felt
To every love, joy, fear, and sorrow


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