From the Unknown

Apr 07 2009

Four brands of flaming tongue burn the shells of the heartless.
Meeting, growing, eating away at the remains of entangling yarn.
Smoke writhes as gasping breaths and blaring silent screams,
Pouring out, condensing into torrential waterfalls of disease.

So many voices, all so silent.
Woven rolls of silken memories wound tight into globular masses,
Never touched by sunlight, nor the gaze of Another’s eyes.
So many ideas disintegrating within minds of sparkling radiance.
Wordless poems residing within lips that never move.
Motionless dances yearning to escape.

Just beneath the surfaces lies the source,
Emerging from the depths within,
In centre of nothing,
Circumference of everything.

Motion from stillness,
Light from darkness,
Sound from silence,
Life from inanimacy,

Consciousness from the unknown.

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