Heavy Snows

Apr 18 2009

Crossing through the threshold of the dying past,
Fading images, alive just moments ago,
Dissolve into the clarity of eternity,
The stillness of a liminal mind.
Knowingly free to contract and expand,
The beginningless game of hide-and-seek abruptly ends,
Synchronicities of the brightest hues flood through deepest shadows,
In a crestfallen world of fantasy.

Life flows tirelessly through the waves,
Emancipating the veritas between each ray of light,
Crest and trough, Crest and trough,
Bleeding into the mechanical rocking of repetitive actions,
Borne of false necessity and utter apathy.
Singularity resolves into interdependence,
Deepens to a synergistic co-existence,
Far beyond any encapsulated unity.

An inseparability of mutually entwining transactions,
Encompassing all that is wrought from experience awaken to themselves:
These beings who seek to grasp the fires of truth with fingers bare,
Who, reaching for the flames, dread that they should lick away at fragile skin,
Long forgotten though it may be,
That the blazing lights do not char.
There is no pain.

Recoiling in a flurry of misapprehension,
Rising into the mind through the furling abyssal depths
Writhing, humming, between the shoals of intelligibility.
A cloud edges into the penumbra of the light,
Then off in the distance
Heavy snows fall from lithe needles and drift into the morning winds.

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