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Exorcismus Personae

Aug 11 2010 Published by under Words

Transfiguration through lateral creativity,
This is what we strive for:

The knowledge, wisdom, and ability to act as catalysts for the mutual transmutational balancing of all.

The real philosopher’s stone was never truly meant to be a literal stone.
If anything, it is the crystallized potential of unconditional consciousness,
Which is within us all, and is released with the sacrifice and realization of the nature of self.
In essence it could be said that the exgredient is the collective persona,
Which encompasses all malignant and twisted conceptualizations founded in unexamined belief in fictional entities.

Forgoing suchness, giving into the illusion of separation,
We kill the self in us, the self in others.
Forgoing deception, allowing all there is to be as it is,
We breathe life into all action, all experience.

In trying to kill our ego, we kill ourselves.
For death cannot be dealt to that which does not exist.
Ultimately, the self cannot remain unscathed from the ghost hunting of the ego.
To try kill one’s self brings false life to the ego.
To try kill one’s ego brings false life to the self.

It is through the apperception — not the exorcism — of these ghosts that we will uncover what we’ve been looking for.

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