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Nov 28 2011 Published by under Words

Mankind is as a band of wanderers on a quest through an endless night. Each starting from the same relative position on a circuitous path that knows no true beginning or end. A journey that continues on without pause. Each of these travelers follows a role. Donning masks symbolizing their modality of travel. These masks may be swapped, taken off, or worn one on top of another in layers of complexity too deep as to be ineffable. For nobody wanders the same path in the same manner for a lifetime.

There are those that walk a single path out of many in utter desperation, always seeking the next wayside rest, always seeking for a way to stay in the light for fear that they might be swallowed in the bottomless depths of the dark. They live in fear, they live in ignorance. It could be said that they live not at all.

There are those who make maps of their journey, with rigid clearly defined paths that they would dare not leave. They trade between themselves, ever amending the arcs of their journey. Content to know where they have been, where they will eventually go, and nothing more. Eyes barely straying from the pages of their journals and the fragile parchment on which they scribe their mandalas of servitude to the cartographization all they meet.

There are those who ride vehicles of immense speed and complexity. Always seeking to conquer distance and glorify time. Travelling so quickly and dangerously down their path that they never truly know where they have gone, or where they are headed, unceasingly redlining for the fine line that separates the light cast by their headlights and the dark of night.

There are those who have had chauffeurs hired for them, who take them everywhere. From birth they have never laid foot on the ground just below the rumbling carriages of affluence, gilded cages of stagnation.

There are those who deceive, cheat, and waylay other travellers, stealing rations, possessions, and lives. Never knowing, much less fully understanding, what it is to live of one’s own accord. Always seeking to know what it is to be free and independent, but taking  further steps into bondage with every movement they make.

There are those who seek to find a way where there is no path. Intent on getting lost in the mists where none have yet to tread. For they always seek something new in the hope that they might bring something back from their travels that no one else has yet to find. A boon for their family that might be shared for generations.

Then there are those who just walk, letting their feet lead the way. Attending to their own needs as they arise, and the needs of others as if they were their own. Watchful and aware of their every step, without the compulsion towards recursive anxiety stemming from conscientious dualism. Needing no light to guide their way, nor shielding their eyes from the lights of others, their path is known to be within them, as is the darkness, light, and ghostly shapes that arise dancing within the collaborative whole.

These few are the Nightwalkers.

They wear no masks.

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