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We’ve only forgotten

Dec 29 2008 Published by under Q&A

Dreams within delusions
Mirages within illusions
Deceptions within words
Overtones within frequencies
Voices overlapping voices
Layer, upon layer, upon layer.

It never ends.

Beyond subject,
Beyond object,
Beyond all concepts of separation.

Tapestry without thread
Song without note
Poem without word
Reflection without a mirror
Light without darkness
Silence without sound

Such is totality beyond comprehension.
Such is form without measure.
Tangled and bound in a mass of:


Such a web of conflict,
Constructed with symbols upon the framework of mind,
Has neither a beginning nor an end.
Ever growing, ever expanding,
It knows itself only as fragments of a forgotten whole.
It only encompasses that which is imprisoned within the bounds of time and space.
Denouncing all that lies beyond its reach, it impoverishes itself.
Burning the bridges that infinitely connect all, it occludes itself.
The independence it so deeply desires
Is the shadow of a shadow wanting only to dissolve that from which it is cast.

It consumes without hesitation.
It wages war without conscience.
It transforms only to persist,
Reshapes only to survive,
Evolves only to consume.

It cannot create, for it has neither the capacity nor the need.
It cannot destroy, though it thirsts beyond satiation to do so.
Its only mode of operation is the variation of its own elementary incarnations.
Me. You. He. She. They. We. Us. Them.

It draws the imaginary lines,
It segregates without exception,
Labels without discrimination,
And discriminates without abandon.

It is the arbiter of truth and existence,
Yet it is the one and only creature to have ever despoiled the very laws it seeks uphold.
It is the guardian of knowledge,
Yet the very source of the ignorance it seeks to illuminate.

For there is only one coin.
All of its sides are inextricably of the same substance,
And therefore the same nature.

There is only one prism,
All light that shines through it is of the same source,
As well as every colour born of its refraction.

Why then to we give birth to endless chains?

Cause and effect:
Consequence arises out of reaction,
And reaction out of action,
Action out of thought,
Thought out of mind,
Mind out of consciousness,
Consciousness out of being,
Being out of Source.

The Source is. Completely.
It is the space that separates words,
The silence between sounds,
The pause between breaths,
The stillness after every beat of the heart,
The gaps between all the particles of this universe.

It is dependent upon everything,
And everything upon it.

Do we know it?
Of course we do.
We’ve only forgotten.

Or have we?

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Finding or Seeking?

Dec 28 2008 Published by under Q&A

One who seeks only for the sake of knowing is a mentalist
Forever bound by thought.
One who seeks only for the sake of gaining is a materialist
Forever bound by reward.
One who seeks only for the sake of self-awareness is a spiritualist
Forever bound by belief.
One who seeks only for the sake of others is a humanist
Forever bound by empathy.
One who seeks only for the sake of seeking is an idealist
Forever bound by dreams.
One who seeks not at all is a fatalist
Forever bound by inertia.

One who merely seeks cannot be named
That One is everything and is nothing, and yet is not.
For there is only the seeking that is I.

Yet the One who needs not seek is found.
Or is it the one who is found that needs not seek?

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Jun 17 2008 Published by under Q&A,Words

Does one who is not, become that which is, by the beginningless path which cannot be followed with intent?

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Dead or Alive?

Nov 23 2007 Published by under Q&A

If ultimately nothing dies, and nothing is born, then is anything truly alive? Or are these once again misleading labels for things that the mind unceasingly tries to grasp but always fails to understand?

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Jul 23 2007 Published by under Q&A

Do we actually experience creation or is it merely the transformation of that which has all ready been created? Is there such a thing as spontaneous manifestation? If so what is responsible for it? And are we capable of it?

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